Vision vs Mission Statement

Maybe you are starting a nonprofit or you want to add a mission or vision statement to your organizational structure. Well, you’ve landed in the right place!! Today I wanted to briefly blog about the difference in a vision and mission statement, and how to write an effective one. A mission or vision statement isn’t always needed for small businesses, but when you’re seeking funding from foundations, I suggest you adopt one. As your mission and vision statement explains to protentional funders who your business is and what it does!

So, let’s just jump right into it. A vision statement is how you see your business in the future. I personally like to utilize this analogy “it’s what you see your business achieving when you retire.” I utilize this analogy, because it helps people understand the true vision of their business. It’s very easy to have a long vision statement, because when it comes to your business you may have many different aspirations to achieve. Your vision statement should be short, simple and sweet. You shouldn’t have a very long or even a paragraph for your vision statement. When I provide consultation to my client’s I educate them to identify three main achievements they want to achieve through their business by the time they retire. Here is an example of a vision statement; “ABC Inc. envisions all youth having a healthy, confident and loving perception of themselves.” As you can see from the example, it was short, simple and concise. It termed a lot of general terminology which can be easily explained without too many details.

Mission statement is the action plan of how you will achieve your business’s vision statement. Now this you want it to contain more details and be more descriptive. This is where the reader will understand what you plan to do. Within your mission statement you want to show your readers the main methods your business will utilize to achieve your vision. Here is an example of a mission statement; “ABC Inc will promote youths’ perception of themselves by providing education tools about self-worth. Combating low self-esteem and distorted self-value through counseling services. Uplifting and supporting them through mentorship programs. Ultimately providing them with a network of services and support geared to target increasing their confidence and esteem.” From this mission statement example, it’s also clear and concise. The 3 main ways ABC Inc will achieve their vision would be through education, counseling and mentorship. This is how your mission can look, which a foundation or even potential clients can comprehend and understand.

I hope you can utilize this information and create an attention-grabbing vision and mission statement. The reason for your vision and mission statement is to make the readers desiring to find out more about your organization!

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