Enduring 2020's Election Season as an Entrepreneur

With the upcoming election of our new president, many entrepreneurs are becoming anxious. With the country’s current division of races it can be quite difficult being an entrepreneur serving everyone. The unknown of how the election of a new president will play out, causes a lot of anxiety. The fear of how our communities will react and how our families and businesses will be impacted can cause one to fret. It's normal to feel fear behind electing a new president, as there are many unknowns during this unprecedented times. Therefore, give yourself permission to feel all of these emotions. Yes, you are a boss, but you have emotions too. Feel how you feel, but remain in control!

You probably are saying "how can I feel my emotions yet still remain in control?" Listen to me, you can do it, you’re stronger than you think! You can do so by reassuring yourself that you have done your best as an entrepreneur. Understand we cannot control the actions of others. All we can do is control our own actions, and be prepared. Therefore, create a business safety plan for the upcoming election this week. Identify your own personal healthy calming and stress relief tools/activities. Identify your support system. Lastly, grant yourself time to step away from it all and seek shelter and peace in your place of serenity.

As entrepreneurs 2020 has been rough on many business owners, but grant yourself grace to know that you are doing the best you can. Feel your emotions, and understand they are legitimate. Don’t react but instead act with healthy purpose and good intent. Guide and lead with what you have and know. Most importantly don’t be afraid to seek professional help, and support from your support system!!!

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