Branding is IMPORTANT

I always thought my marketing strategy for my business was sufficient. I really didn't know much about branding or how to even do it. I wasn't educated that branding was how customers perceive and experience your business. I only knew I wanted to advertise to every business that could utilize my services. It was the social worker in me that wanted to reach and help everyone. But being an entrepreneur and social worker differed in many ways, causing me to have to think in different modes. So although I was receiving a decent amount of support, for a new business, I knew there were more businesses to serve!! But I contributed that to my lack of popularity in this sector, and as an introvert I was fine with that.

Until one day I advertised in a Facebook racing group about my services, related to the group. Some of the group members laughed at the post, while others called it a hoaxed and that I wasn’t legit. But being a therapist I didn’t care, because I’ve learned not to internalize thee actions or words of others. But it did trigger something within me, that caused me to think about who I was speaking to. The ones laughing and attempting to ostracize my work weren’t even the target audience businesses I was attempting to reach. Therefore, it made me think, what am I doing wrong? I knew I was legit and my service’s legitimacy is supported by the state, but that concern ran through my mind all night. Until I received a divine revelation!

I’m big on learning new things and satisfying the craving of my inquisitive mind. Therefore, I research and read quite a bit. During my time of solitude I researched marketing and

branding. I wanted to discover the difference in successful lower end brands and luxury brands marketing strategies. Ultimately, I discovered lower end brands market to all, while luxury brands invest in quality services to a few! Reading about the luxury brands Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Zara, Tesla and Rolex do not advertise, I was a bit surprised. See, I don’t know much about any of these brands as it’s out of budget. Therefore I never even considered them, yet I also never realized I’ve never seen them even marketed at my accessibility level. Upon this I even read Lamborghini’s reason for not advertising, because their target audience doesn’t have time to watch TV. The wheels in my head turned and it all began to make sense! I then downloaded a revelation about my own spouse's business. He too doesn't like to advertise his masonry services publicly as he's a perfectionist at his craft. Therefore, he feels like, lack of public advertisement weeds out those who aren't serious about securing his services. I then continued to read these luxury brand marketing strategies, discovering they didn’t advertise to preserve funds increasing the quality of their brand.

That isn’t what astounded me though, it was Rolls Royce history that I found to be profound. Rolls Royce and Cadillac emerged around the same time in 1906. They both were emerging as a luxury brand. Well, just as entrepreneurs we experience how popularity can sometimes overshadow quality. Rolls Royce stated on their website “Silver Ghost, within a year was hailed ‘the best car in the world’ ( But they still didn’t out sale Cadillac. Cadillac identified a cheaper method to produce more cars but still maintaining a level of luxury. They utilized cheaper parts and easy more readily accessible ones. Therefore, their popularity skyrocketed, becoming a popular household name accessible to the average American. Even with changing their emblem at least three times, they've still been successful with their target population. RR on the other hand has remained true to their image, never changing their emblem. This is how they still catered to their target population because of their authenticity and originality to its history, which their target audience loves. Yet, both businesses have been successful in their brand. I then began to see it’s important to stay true to your brand. Despite Rolls Royce lack of popularity in 1906, they stayed true to their brand! They didn’t try to compete with Cadillac, but the instead invested more into personalizing their brand! When purchasing a Rolls Royce everything is customized to your liking! They use bulls skin for leather to prevent stretching and even handcrafted wood! This type of service is targeted to a certain consumer. RR could’ve easily tried to change their marketing to try to reach more people, but they knew their brand wasn’t for EVERYBODY.

That’s when I had a divine revelation! My marketing strategy was horrible. I needed to reach a particular client, because my goal for YBCCC isn't to be popular but be sustainable! With the marketing strategy I had, it was opening my business to a market that wasn't prepared to possess the capacity to hold what my business had to release. This was due to my lack of Sufficient branding of my company. Then, I had an epiphany that efficient marketing entails these 3 main things; identifying your branding image, identifying your target audience, and market according to the target audience’s needs and accessibility!! This was a revelation to me on the importance of marketing and branding! Therefore, I urge you to connect with a good marketer and brander! Allow them to assist you in establishing the 3 tips I’ve learned; identify your branding image, target audience and market according to their needs and accessibility! Don’t allow faulty marketing to deter you or kill your drive! Because unfortunately that’s what can happen. When you’re getting discouraged with the lack of feedback or negative feedback check your marketing strategy and who you’re marketing to. Seek a branding and marketing expert, don’t be afraid to invest into it!

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