Branding is IMPORTANT

I always thought my marketing strategy for my business was sufficient. I really didn't know much about branding or how to even do it. I wasn't educated that branding was how customers perceive and experience your business. I only knew I wanted to advertise to every business that could utilize my services. It was the social worker in me that wanted to reach and help everyone. But being an entrepreneur and social worker differed in many ways, causing me to have to think in different modes. So although I was receiving a decent amount of support, for a new business, I knew there were more businesses to serve!! But I contributed that to my lack of popularity in this sector, and as an introvert I was fine with that.

Until one day I advertised in a Facebook racing group about my services, related to the group. Some of the group members laughed at the post, while others called it a hoaxed and that I wasn’t legit. But being a therapist I didn’t care, because I’ve learned not to internalize thee actions or words of others. But it did trigger something within me, that caused me to think about who I was speaking to. The ones laughing and attempting to ostracize my work weren’t even the target audience businesses I was attempting to reach. Therefore, it made me think, what am I doing wrong? I knew I was legit and my service’s legitimacy is supported