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A Bosses Intern

"Understanding how to be successful in two domains at once"


At Your Business CCC it's our mission to assist aspiring mental health entrepreneurs in being professional, prepared and productive in the field of mental health. We will achieve this by supporting MSW interns in their field practicum through our Bosses Intern Academy.

A Bosses Intern Academy is an internship program that educates and provides experience to mental health students, who desire to be entrepreneurs in the field of mental health. Our clinical supervisor is a mental health professional who learned about leadership roles through experience in the field, and exposure. As a MSW student who pursued the administrative track, she admits to lacking clinical experience. Consequently, transitioning to clinical work experience, Whitney found this transition to be tedious. On the contrary many take the clinical track, while desiring to utilize this great skill to also become an entrepreneur  later learning clinical and administration support is needed. Whitney Smith- Johnson utilized her previous clinical program management experience of a multimillion dollar community based practice, as an education tool to learn how to navigate in two domains; clinical and adminstration.This great employment opportunity was the exposure, experience and education she needed to learn how to balance both clinical and the administration side of mental health.


In our internship program, it's our goal to teach you pivotal skills, tools and techniques in the field of social work and mental health to be a successful clinician, AND entrepreneur!

Learning Points




Professional Development

Organizational policies, coordination of finances, service provision, data collection and analyzing and setting the direction of the organization. 

Therapeutic sessions with consumers of the practice under the direct supervision of the clinical director. Mock Documentation experience, faith based treatment, case staffing and  clinical supervision.

Navigating different work environments, self marketing in the career field, career networking, work conflict resolution and much more. 

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