Ezekiel 37



Ezekiel 37 is currently a self agency sponsored piloted business development program for assisting black entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with increasing their business(es) success rate in trucking or mental health related businesses. This program will revitalize black entrepreneurship through increasing their awareness, confidence and competence. Ultimately allowing black entrepreneurs to feel secure in their business.

This program was created by Your Business CCC llc in December 2020. The agency discovered this program by having first hand awareness of the struggles of black entrepreneurship. Your Business CCC llc desired to implement a program that would help other black businesses grow and sustain wealth. After seeing the unfortunate struggles that black small businesses encountered with obtaining capital, we desired to help. Many small businesses are overlooked, but add being a black owned small business, it makes it that much harder to overcome and gain needed capital. Therefore, this company created program Ezekiel 37. The program's name was adopted by the agency's team member, as it represents reviving dead and dying dreams of black entrepreneurs. Ezekiel 37 goal is to help the struggling black entrepreneur who is trying to maneuver through entrepreneurship while facing inequality with gaining capital, support and education. 

Program Operation

Ezekiel 37 is $373/month 3 month program to its participants. Within this program they will receive business education, coaching, counseling and consulting and financial assistance. The participant will gain education about businesses; business structure, operation and legal compliance. The participant will receive one on one expert experience business coaching, counseling and consulting. The participant will have their business or business plan evaluated, and will receive  help with creating and implementing a business improvement plan if needed. Finally, the consumer will be linked with financial assistance, through either a grant or business loan. The team members of Ezekiel 37 will locate, write and submit a grant for the participant or assist them with locating a business loan and completing the application. There is limited space for this awesome program, so quickly submit you contact form to begin the application process!

Meet Our Team


Whitney Smith-Johnson, MSW, LCSW

Meet Mrs. Whitney Smith-Johnson, MSW, LCSW the CEO of Your Business CCC llc and our business developer. She has helped many businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to overcome this hurdle and succeed. With Mrs. Johnson's insight, support and guidance, many businesses have grown and flourished. With her education in Masters of Law for business, she utilizes this education to help other businesses grow and succeed. Have the ultimate experience, with an experienced mental health professional, girl boss guru and a trucking human guide. Allow her to help you take your business to the next level!

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