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There's Power in the Process
The Journey to Your Purpose

Written & Published by: Whitney Smith-Johnson, LCSW

"Every unique plan of God comes with a process that you can't skip, but you can outlive it to your purpose."

No matter where you go, there's a process to get there. The journey you have to travel may be pleasing to you or discouraging, but you must keep traveling. Everyone is born with a purpose in life; God hasn’t created anyone without purpose. Jeremiah 29:11 states that God has a plan for us all! Often times an individual misses their purpose, because they out run the process, versus outliving it. This book is about outliving your process to living in your purpose. Within this book the author discusses some of the journey she traveled to live in her purpose. She discusses how she went from homeless to a homeowner, rejected to revered and worthless to worthy. Grab your copy today and be enlightened on finding power in some of the most faith crippling moments. Also don't forget to grab your workbook edition of this book! The author who is also a licensed therapist, created a therapeutic workbook that promotes utilizing mental and spiritual interventions for a prosperous and powerful life.

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When asked who are you, so many associations can come to mind. You can associate different aspects of your life to define your identity. Defining your identity can sometimes be easy, when you're going by who the carnal world says you are. But your God given identity is the only one that matters, because it's the truth. Society's image for ourselves, can leave us all broken or fighting to fulfill an image, that was never intended for us. God says we were made in his image. Within this book you’ll read about how the enemy tries to steal our identity, destroying a false image and help finding your God given identity. This book will help you to learn who God says you are. Read this book and allow yourself to become awakened to your true God given identity. Throw away the false identity of insecurities, rumors and demonic lies, and see yourself in God's image of TRUTH!

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Meet the Author

Whitney Smith-Johnson is a North Carolina native of a rural community. She is the eldest of two children by her mother; which aided in her growth. She's a wife and mother of two beautiful God chosen children. She's a psychotherapistmotivational speaker and entrepreneur of a business consultation agency. Mrs. Johnson is a strong believer of Christ, and contributes her success all to God. Along with her Christian beliefs as a psychotherapist, she understands the importance of mental health wellness. She advocates to remove the stigma of "you lack faith" if you seek help from a therapist or psychiatrist. Therefore, along with her Christian beliefs and mental health expertise, she promotes the use of both Christian beliefs and psychotherapy for mental wellness through her books. Mrs. Johnson has been able to flourish and make a difference as a social worker in many different rural communities. Becoming a social worker was influenced by the many life challenges she triumphed. Life was far from easy from her, but she took what she was given and fought to have a positive outcome. Get engaged into one of her books and learn how she went from homeless to homeowner, rejected to revered and worthless to worthy! Be encouraged by her books to help support the use of both religion and psychotherapy for mental wellness, growth and success.

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