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"Your pathway to success is here"

Mission Statement

Who are We?

Your Business CCC, LLC's mission is to assist purpose driven entrepreneurs in manifesting their dreams into a business reality to live out their divine entrepreneurial destiny.

Your Business CCC llc is an elite expert business development agency for mental health agencies and nonprofit organizations. We ensure businesses are established with the best fit business structure to ensure longevity . With our team of professionals provide expert level services tailored to 3 industries; mental health, nonprofit and trucking.  We know that you can be a boss of your business, but still an employee to the industry you operate in. We assist you in becoming accountable to the industry as an entrepreneur, instead of answering to it as an employee. We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs in growing and operating a stable integral mental health or nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build a long lasting and wealthy legacy.

What we do?

  • Establish businesses with the best fit structures 

  • Assist mental health providers build mental health businesses

  • Assist entrepreneurs create nonprofit organizations.

  • Teach & guide trucking entrepreneurs business & DOT compliance

  • Help entrepreneurs locate local, state & federal funding opportunities

  • Billing & claim services to mental health agencies and providers

  • Helping mental health providers scale or pivot their business

  • Seasonal Business tax filing and much more!



Support and encouragement with successfully achieving business and entrepreneurial goals and aspirations  

Notebook and Pen


Expert suggestion about your related business concerns and effective decision making.


Expert teaching to gain new skills about specifics related to your company.

Notebook and Pen

More services

  1. Are you a mental health provider ready to launch your own practice or agency?

  2. Have you identified your speciality and reason for starting?

  3. Have you created your business plan?

  4. Do you feel confident in creating your desired business structure for your launch?

  5. Are you aware of the full requirements for getting credentialed with insurance panels beyond just the application?

  6. Have you identified the billing and EHR system you desire to utilize?

  1. Do you desire to launch a business without a profit?

  2. Have you identified your reason for starting a nonprofit?

  3. Have you created your business plan?

  4. Do you feel confident in creating a 501c3?

  5. Are you aware of the federal and state requirements in your jurisdiction for forming a nonprofit and 501c3?

  6. Do you have legal or professional counsel you can consult regarding a nonprofit organization?

  7. Do you know the difference between a nonprofit and 501c3?

  1. Do you desire to have a trucking company?

  2. Have you confidently identified the best fit business structure for your company?

  3. Do you know which Federal Authority type that you need to operate and haul your desired freight?

  4. Are you aware of the requirements for continual operation of your selected business structure?

  5. Can you confidently complete the OP-1 federal applications?

  6. Do you know the required DOT Safety Entrance requirements?

If you answered yes to question 1, & no to at least 3 other questions it's a good alarm that you should

book an appointment with Your Business CCC LLC.

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Client Testimonials

I was referred to Whitney by a close client of mine for business an when i tell you she changed my life! , its crazy how in the dark i was about my own business or wouldn’t explore deeper into my business benefits out of fear an lack of knowledge on these things, she is a breath of fresh air an guiding light for me!

Leila, B

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